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Edition 1 for 2018


Welcome to Audio Braille Update from HumanWare. This periodical communication helps you to stay informed about developments pertaining to the blindness technology solutions available from HumanWare. This includes all the speech and/or braille related technology that HumanWare manufactures and other products that we distribute in Australia on behalf of other companies. Within this newsletter you can learn of new product releases, software upgrades, price changes, general product news and the occasional helpful user tip.

Each news item is associated with a product category heading for easier navigation, allowing you to find what interests you the most.

We hope you enjoy reading Audio Braille Update and that it helps you to use your equipment optimally, or assists you in your decision making for new purchases. Your feedback is always welcomed and we can be contacted via the details at the end.

Warm Regards
Blake Ison
Blindness Product Specialist – HumanWare Australasia

Victor Reader Trek
Digital Talking Book Players & GPS Devices

HumanWare is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest innovation, the Victor Reader Trek.

Combining the cutting-edge GPS technology of the Trekker Breeze with the innovative media reading & playback capabilities of the Victor Reader Stream, this multi-use handheld device is designed to make mobility easy and enjoyable for people who are blind or visually impaired.

The best of both worlds

With its lightweight design and intuitive features, the Trek allows users to toggle between always-on orientation mode and online or offline reading mode at the touch of a button, giving them the confidence to get where they are going and stay entertained on the way.

Orientation mode

Trek is designed to help users move around confidently and independently with clear, easy-to-follow verbal instructions, allowing them to plan routes ahead of time and add landmarks along the way. If they get lost, they can simply press the “Where Am I” button and Trek will let them know exactly where they are at that exact point in time.

Picture of woman crossing the street with a white cane and the Trek in her hand

One simple learning curve

Whether you are listening to books or media, or navigating your commute to work, the Trek uses the same buttons to receive similar information in both modes. Need to identify intersections around you or your nearest address? Just press the ‘Where Am I” button. That same ‘Where Am I’ button which tells you what page and percentage you are in the latest novel you are reading.

Need to bookmark your place in a book? Just press the Trek’s bookmark key. That same key will drop a voice tagged landmark in your environment when in orientation mode. As people who are blind or visually impaired often travel with a cane or guide dog, helpfully, all functions of the Victor Reader Trek can be operated with one hand. So there is no need to stop your progress while in transit.

Playback & reading mode

Trek offers instant access to the latest books, magazines, music, podcasts and more, allowing users to catch their favourite show while they are riding the train, or play back audio notes from lectures when they arrive back home. If they get distracted or lose their place in a book, they can press the same “Where Am I” button to find it again in a flash.

Picture of a man lying on the couch, listening to music eyes closed with his Trek

The independence to travel freely

Trek was designed to make getting around a breeze, whether traveling by foot, car or public transport. Clear and safe pedestrian instructions ensure users understand their surroundings at all times, while vehicle instructions are simple and accurate to easily guide a sighted driver.

The confidence to navigate new environments

Navigating open areas like an educational campus or park can be a challenge in new environments. But Trek puts users instantly at ease, allowing them to drop voice-tagged landmarks at different buildings - even if there are no streets around - so they always have a point of reference.

The future of orientation

The Trek allows users to download content wirelessly and with a bluetooth headset or external speaker, and to play text documents with built-in text-to-speech software from Acapela. Trek is compatible with iTunes, DAISY libraries, NLS, Bookshare and more, and uses regularly updated map data from TomTom and in the future iBeacons for unmatched navigational accuracy.


Order today for only $995 – we promise you will not be disappointed!

*Presently not available in the Asia region. Continue to contact your HumanWare Dealer for information on the Trekker Breeze (Japan only) and Victor Reader Stream products.

SVRC Tutorials on the Victor Reader Stream

The Statewide Vision Resource Centre's collection of video tutorials now includes a series on how to use the Victor Reader Stream. The videos (featuring Garry Stinchcombe) focus on Victor Reader Stream basic features and uses.

The first 3 videos in the series are now available on YouTube via the following link: https://youtu.be/_mBvR2Kc0Yc

BrailleNote Takers

The BrailleNote Touch continues to evolve…..

The Touch now has a new update, with version five being made available several weeks ago.

Enhance your Math skills with our latest KeySoft app updates. Use KeyMath to create graphs independently, turning a seriously challenging task into one that is simple, efficient and enjoyable

KeyMath: Real-time graph creation PLUS, the ability to proofread and emboss your graph

Working with graphs has always been a difficult challenge for students with visual impairments, often resulting in very manual representation of graphical content created by the student or teacher of the visually impaired (TVI). This, of course, takes a considerable amount of time and effort. KeyMath now allows the students to produce math content in an efficient, enjoyable and manageable way.

Thanks to a partnership with Desmos, an online graphing calculator company, it is now possible to generate a graphic preview of a function in KeyMath making it one of the most powerful tools in the classroom. This is particularly useful when you need to show teachers or sighted colleagues a visual representation of your math function. It does not stop there either, before submitting your graph to the teachers you can also get a tactile representation of the graph on the Braille display for proofreading.

Not only this, but version 5 now enables support for a Qwerty keyboard, so users now have the choice of whether they would like to type in Braille, or use familiar, predominantly windows-based keystrokes to easily and quickly navigate their way around the BrailleNote Touch.

Are you a parent, who is preparing to send your child off to start on their educational journey? Worried about how they will learn Braille? The BrailleNote Touch is the right product for you.

Not only can you teach your child to type on a standard keyboard, thus giving them the ability to touch type, they can also learn Braille whilst doing it through use of our innovative Braille display. The most fantastic bit about that is you can learn at the same time. How, you might ask is this possible?

The BrailleNote Touch has been designed with a screen built into it, which allows someone who can see to read what the blind user is doing. So not only can you see what they are writing, but you can learn Braille through the Braille dots that come up on the screen.

For more information on what is contained in these app updates, we invite you to view any of the following snapshot videos via the following links {Ctrl + Click maybe required}:

This version includes enhancements and fixes that came directly from BrailleNote Touch users. We appreciate all those who write to us with suggestions or bug reports, which helps us to continue improving the world’s first Google-certified Braille tablet.

When connected to the internet, Touch users will begin seeing a notification that a system update is available. When the notification appears simply press a cursor router key, and the download will begin immediately.

If the notification has not appeared, simply navigate to the All Applications menu and select the KeyUpdater app. It will show that an update is available online. Simply tap the router key on this item, and the download will begin. We look forward to seeing how KeyMath and electronic braille can simplify your math experiences.

Today the BrailleNote Touch ships with 32 GB of internal storage, providing more than enough room for your important documents, apps and media, but for those high-power users who would prefer more internal storage, HumanWare offers a 128 GB internal storage option for your Touch.

Ensure your BrailleNote Touch is updated to the latest software.

Learn more about the BrailleNote Touch by visiting www.braillenotetouch.com or visit our BrailleNote Touch YouTube channel at www.humanware.com/bntouchvideos

BrailleNote Touch Testimonial, Janine Plummer

I am a very satisfied owner of a BrailleNote Touch and am happy to share my experience so far.

I am still very new in learning its many attributes but I find that by using the user guide and the context menu, it is easy to find answers to questions. Even then, if further clarification is required, a HumanWare consultant is only a phone call away.

Its portability and accessibility are what makes life so easy when I am away from the office.

The Braille Note Touch has opened up a path of freedom for me in relation to language studies.

I have been able to scan and download language texts and read from the refreshable Braille display together with the audio function utilising the language voice provided so that pronunciation can be perfected. The refreshable Braille display makes spell checking a breeze as audio information can sometimes be ambiguous, especially when spelling names and addresses.

I attend a Braille reading group and by downloading the current book being read at the time, the need for bulky Braille books is no longer required. I still have much to learn but yes, the BrailleNote Touch is my new best friend!

J Plummer

Please contact HumanWare for more information on the BrailleNote Touch or to arrange a demonstration by calling 1300 551 864 OR 02 9686 2600. Or email via au.sales@humanware.com

Braille Displays

HumanWare is experiencing a short delay in the release of our Brailliant 14.

HumanWare has very high quality standards and wants to ensure that all shipped units meet these requirements. We do not wish to release a product that does not meet these set standards, so we have delayed the release of Brailliant 14 until these issues are resolved.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused. However, if you mention that you have heard about the new Brailliant 14 through this edition of the ‘Audio Braille Update’ newsletter to our Customer Service or Account Management team then you can obtain a 10% discount on any type of Brailliant (14, 32, 40 or 80 cells) until May 28, 2018.

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