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A Braille Revolution has begun

KeySoft 9.4 Delivers Nemeth Braille to the Classroom and So Much More

The BrailleNote line of products have been improving student productivity and braille literacy for over 13 years, but one neglected segment of braille literacy until today is an effective process to produce electronic braille math in the classroom. HumanWare is proud to announce a free update to KeySoft 9.4 that will allow the BrailleNote Apex to be the first and only electronic braille device that will allow students to input Nemeth Braille and subsequently create a translated print version from a single device.

In 1951 the Nemeth code, created by the late Dr. Abraham Nemeth, was adopted as the code to be used for braille representation of mathematics. This continues to be the math code which is used in classrooms today for blind students to gain an understanding of math concepts. Since no electronic braille device has supported the writing and translation of Nemeth to print in a simple, self-contained tool, students have been forced to use more antiquated and timely methods to create and translate their math assignments for the classroom teacher. The most common procedure has been for students to write their math on a braille writer, provide a braille copy to the teacher of the visually impaired, and then the TVI would spend significant time transcribing the print on top of the braille copy for the sighted classroom teacher.

"Whenever we at HumanWare make a decision on braille hardware or software innovations, the first question we ask ourselves is how will this improve braille literacy? We are extremely excited to see how this revolutionary breakthrough in electronic braille math support improves a student's productivity in the math classroom", says Greg Stilson, HumanWare's Product Manager of braille products.

Wait, There's More!

Before you can write accurate Nemeth Braille in the Apex's word processor, you need to learn the Nemeth code! The tutorial, developed by Northern Illinois University, provides an incredible instructional tool that is included as a free download with KeySoft 9.4. Now you can learn, type, and print out accurate Nemeth Braille on one powerful productivity device.

And One More Great Addition!

PowerPoint Viewer
KeySoft 9.4 puts Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or later presentations at your fingertips. Simply press enter on a PowerPoint file and KeySoft will open the slides in a simple, non visual manner, allowing access to presentations more efficiently.

Looking for an accessible version of a presentation to participate along with your peers? Simply ask the instructor or presenter to provide you the PowerPoint file and directly follow along with your peers. And what's more, view the individual slide elements in braille while you examine each slide. Navigate through a slide's table, bullets, heading styles, and slide notes with ease without needing to have a screen reader talking in your ear while you are trying to give a polished presentation.

Click here to learn more about KeySoft 9.4 and to download your free update.

Enjoy using KeySoft 9.4!

Download KeySoft 9.4

To request a free copy of the new BrailleNote Apex Nemeth Guide click here.

Nemeth Guide

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