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Bookshare security changes notice and impact on Apex users

June 9, 2017

Dear BrailleNote User,

If you are a bookshare member you may have received a message from Bookshare informing you of some coming security changes which will affect their website and customer experiences. A portion of their message follows:

Within the next 30 to 45 days, Bookshare will be updating our network security protocols. This is a part of our ongoing efforts to secure and protect our customers’ data.

What does this mean for you?
The majority of customers will not be impacted by this update. However, early testing has revealed that older braille devices, such as the Braille Note Apex and the Braille Sense, may be impacted. Devices that are using older security protocols may no longer be able to directly access the Bookshare website.

To summarize, Bookshare’s cloud site provider is changing their security protocols to evolve with the internet’s changing security requirements. These new security protocols will provide a more secure experience for their visitors using today’s browsers. The unfortunate side effect is that the Windows CE browser that the Apex version of KeyWeb is based on has no support for these modern security protocols and thus will no longer be able to access Bookshare’s new site. We collaborated with Bookshare and looked into all options to see if there was a Windows CE patch for such a protocol, but unfortunately, as Microsoft has since discontinued Windows CE, there are no options available to support such changes.

After the implementation of these security changes, Bookshare users can continue to download books to a SD card or thumb drive from a computer and can read them in braille using the Apex’s book reader application.

The BrailleNote Touch, the world’s first and only Google Certified braille tablet, uses a constantly updating backbone of fireFox to support its version of KeyWeb, all security changes are fully supported along with the GoRead app which many Touch users use to download books to be read in braille with the BrailleNote Touch’s VictorReader app.

If you are interested in upgrading your existing braille device to a BrailleNote Touch, a trade in program is available which uses your existing braille device to reduce the cost of a new BrailleNote Touch. Please contact your local HumanWare distributer representative for more information. You can also call our customer service department directly at 800.722.3393 or at info@humanware.com.

Best regards

The HumanWare Team

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