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New updates for Stream and Brailliant

Victor Reader Stream and Brailliant updates available

September 14, 2016 -- HumanWare announces the immediate release of Stream version 4.7 and Brailliant version 2.2. The following are the feature enhancements which users will immediately see:

Victor Reader Stream Version 4.7

  • Support for subscribing and unsubscribing to NFB Newsline publications directly on the Stream (U.S. only). Now similar to subscribing to podcasts, you can subscribe to Newsline publications via your Stream’s online capability. In the past NFB Newsline users needed to handle the subscriptions using their computer’s internet browser. Today you can search for a news publication you want to always have on your Stream, subscribe to it, and you will always have the daily newspaper with your morning coffee.
  • Support for keeping specific NFB Newsline books (U.S. only). In addition to handling the subscriptions to Newsline content directly on the Stream, now you can save daily versions of a publication for later use, just by tapping the 3 key.
  • Ability to sync your time with an Internet time server. After you update and connect to your Wi-Fi, first set your time to the current time in your time zone. After this initial setting is done, your Stream will always keep its time, as it is constantly validating its time with a network time server. And if you are someone who prefers to have their clocks set 5 minutes fast, have no fear as you can continue doing so. After you set it 5 minutes fast, it will continue being synchronized at that specific time until you change it again.

picture of a Stream

This version is live now and Streams connected to WIFI will begin receiving notifications that a new version is available. The support web page will gradually be updated with the new software versions, for those users who prefer to manually update.

Brailliant Version 2.2

  • Introduces HID over Bluetooth.In addition to offering a more stable USB HID experience, Brailliant version 2.2 offers the same solid connection over Bluetooth.
  • Channel Switching Hotkey:Now if you are connected to your PC via USB and you also have your Brailliant paired to your phone.

picture of a Brailliant

This version update is also live now and will be available when you connect your Brailliant to your computers and run the Brailliant BITools software application, selecting the "Update Brailliant Firmware" button.

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