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Romeo & Juliet embossers - High-quality braille and graphics wirelessly and affordably (image showing a woman reading braille and the Romeo & Juliet embossers)

HumanWare introduces the latest version of Romeo and Juliet braille embossers

Montreal, June 21, 2016 — HumanWare is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Romeo 60 and Juliet 120 Braille embossers from Enabling Technologies.

The embossers which defined reliability and have produced quality braille over the past 20 years make their triumphant return today. Romeo and Juliet are now shipping with a completely updated and modern platform that packs in wireless printing over Wi-Fi, a built-in braille translator, and the ability to emboss high quality tactile graphics, all at an affordable price.

Great choices for school, work, or home

          • Romeo and Juliet are ideal embossers for teachers and students to easily send files wirelessly from their computer, iPad®, or other mobile device.
          • Print docx, pdf, brf or txt documents from a thumb drive! Just plug a USB drive directly into the Romeo or Juliet and a braille copy will be ready in seconds.
          • Soon students will be able to emboss files directly from HumanWare’s new BrailleNote™ Touch, ensuring immediate access to both refreshable and hard copy braille.

With either Duxbury or the built-in UEB contracted Braille translator, or the free Firebird Graphics Suite, Romeo and Juliet can support all your brailling needs. Also emboss horizontally and sideways, for booklet style, to maintain formatting for newspapers and magazines.

Photo showing a teacher watching a student sending files wirelessly from a BrailleNote Touch to a Romeo embosser.

Juliet is an excellent choice for braille production centers and transcribers, since it prints high-quality interpoint braille using tractor-fed paper at more than 400 pages per hour, 24 hours a day without needing a break. Romeo and Juliet have always been known as reliable production embossers and these new models extend that reputation.

photo of the Juliet embosser

With the ability to work quickly yet quietly, both embossers are built to last. Emboss long reading assignments or short work sheets and labels. If you need a last minute speech or meeting notes embossed, both embossers can get the job done quickly. Just insert a thumb drive directly into the embossers and instantly produce braille without the need of a computer. The tactile control panel with speech output and braille makes these embossers easy for blind users to learn and use.

"When I hear the name Romeo and Juliet in regards to braille, I immediately think of reliability. Today Romeo and Juliet are back, as reliable as ever, but now in a much more modern package. The built-in braille translation makes it incredibly easy to quickly emboss documents from almost any device, forever changing the way of embossing documents.

As a strong advocate for braille literacy, HumanWare is committed to providing modern, cutting edge tools which provide those with visual impairments with endless opportunities to read braille.”

Says Greg Stilson, HumanWare’s Product Manager of Blindness products.

To order a Romeo 60 or Juliet 120, or to learn more about these innovative braille embossers, contact your local HumanWare representative or distributor.

You can also visit the web page at www.humanware.com/romeojuliet for more information or to place an order online.

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