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Photo of girl in a classroom with other students in the background. The girl is typing on the Touch screen of the BrailleNote Touch - Title: BrailleNote Touch Version 2.0 Now Available - closeup of the BrailleNote Touch showing Algebra equations on its screen.

Supercharge Your BrailleNote Touch Today with Version 2.0. Math Braille to Print, KNFB Reader, Braille Display Mode, and So Much More!

Today HumanWare has made available BrailleNote Touch version 2.0. The BrailleNote Touch began shipping in May of this year and the world’s first and only Google certified braille tablet just keeps getting better. Version 2.0 brings many features and enhancements which have been requested by BrailleNote users and demonstrates the kind of innovation that this tool can produce.

The BrailleNote Touch is now available in English, French, Norwegian, Swedish and Arabic.

KeyMath: Real time math braille to print translation

In the past students would typically manually braille their math assignments using a braille writer. This is an effective and necessary method for younger students to learn and gain an understanding of spacial mathematics. But as progress is made in the classroom students have asked for a way for them to create math content using their BrailleNote. Today KeyMath makes this a reality.

Image showing woman hands typing on the touch screen of the BrailleNote Touch.

KeyMath is an app which integrates with KeyWord, the Touch’s powerful word processor.

  • Type literary content in KeyWord, and when you write math content, simply activate the KeyMath app with backspace and M.
  • Type your math equation using your preferred math braille code (Nemeth or UEB), and as you complete the equation, it will be displayed visually for sighted parents, teachers or colleagues immediately on the BrailleNote Touch’s screen.
  • At this point the math braille and visual content can now be pasted in your KeyWord math document and printed or emailed to the classroom teacher in seconds.

If you forget how to write a math symbol, KeyMath comes equipped with HumanWare’s symbol selector. Simply search the categories for your symbol, KeyMath shows you how to write it in braille, and even press enter on it to insert it in the equation.

KeyMath ensures students can independently complete and turn in assignments to their classroom teachers but also serves as a tool to assist in learning the math braille codes.

Click here to see a demonstration of the power of KeyMath.

Image showing the BrailleNote Touch scanning a print document using the KNFB reader app.

KNFB Reader On The BrailleNote Touch Equals Print To Braille In Seconds!

This free update empowers every BrailleNote Touch with the amazing KNFB Reader app. Thanks to a partnership among HumanWare, KNFB Technologies and the National Federation of the Blind, the BrailleNote Touch can now turn print into braille in seconds.

  • Open the KNFB Reader app from the Touch’s main menu.
  • Take a picture of print content using the Touch’s 8 MP camera.
  • Read the print material immediately in braille.

Now if that teacher or colleague provides you a printed handout, you can have that content in braille in seconds with just the snap of a picture.

Click here to see a demonstration of turning print to braille using the KNFB Reader

Braille Terminal Mode: Use your Touch as a braille display for other devices

The new braille terminal mode enables the BrailleNote Touch to be used as a braille display for connected devices.

  • Need to respond to a text message from your iPhone? Just connect it to the Touch via Bluetooth and type your text in braille using either the Touch’s keyboard or silently using TouchBraille.
  • Connect to PCs using USB or Bluetooth and use the Touch as a braille display and keyboard with the major screen readers.
  • Use the Touch with a Mac to read or write content.

Click here to see a demonstration of using a Touch as a braille display

These are just a few of the highlights found in version 2.0.

You can click here to see the full release notes.

You should automatically receive a notification that a system update is available for your Touch when you are connected to WIFI. Simply press enter on the notification and the update will begin downloading. Depending on your internet speed the update process can take around a half an hour to complete. If you do not receive the update notification, you can manually initiate the update by selecting the KeyUpdater app from the Touch’s All Applications menu.

We hope you enjoy version 2.0.
The future is so close, you can Touch it.

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