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KeySoft 9.5 Is Available For Download

Bringing Features for all BrailleNote Apex Users

Longueuil, May 20 2015. Today HumanWare is excited to announce KeySoft 9.5’s availability as a free download for all BrailleNote and VoiceNote Apex users. Whether you are a student, teacher, professional, or a leisure user of the BrailleNote Apex, KeySoft 9.5 has a feature or enhancement for you.

Internet Radio

The new internet radio provides access to over 36,000 online radio stations provided by the OOTunes library made popular on the Victor Reader Stream and mobile apps. By simply connecting to the internet, you can find and listen to practically any type of internet radio you enjoy. And if you use a station frequently, simply add it to your internet radio favorites list to quickly listen to it again. OOTunes is constantly updating their station list, and if you find a station which does not play, or you would like to see a station added, you can contact OOTunes via their web site at www.ootunes.com.

Click here to watch a Snapshot video demonstrating the new internet radio.

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KeySoft now supports UEB Math to Print

With many English speaking countries making the transition to the Unified English Braille code it is essential that familiar learning, reading and writing tools are available to support this process. KeySoft 9.5 brings that familiar support for users who write math content in UEB.

The BrailleNote Apex is the first electronic braille device which provides both Nemeth and UEB math to print translation in a single tool. And with the UEB and Nemeth symbol selectors, the apex is a fantastic learning tool for those making the transition to Unified English Braille.

Click here to watch a Snapshot video demonstrating Keysoft’s UEB math to print capability.

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Exam Mode

In today’s educational setting, students are often required to take standardized assessments using a computer or tablet with special online software. Educational Assessments such as PARCC or Smarter Balanced recommends only a refreshable braille display for understandable security purposes. The best practice is for students to utilize their familiar technology that they use independently on a daily basis, thus allowing them to focus on the exam rather than troubleshooting the technology.

KeySoft 9.5’s new Exam Mode ensures a secure testing environment while allowing the student to use their BrailleNote Apex only as a refreshable braille display during an exam period. Implementing a secure password protection, the BrailleNote’s Exam Mode keeps the focus on the test being taken and not on the technology being used.

Click here to watch a Snapshot video explaining KeySoft 9.5’s new Exam Mode.

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Quick Notes

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you just need to immediately have a blank document ready to take some quick notes? Perhaps you are late to class and the lecture has already started, or you need to quickly take down someone’s contact information. Now you can by using KeySoft 9.5’s new Quick Notes feature. By just pressing one keystroke from anywhere, you are in a blank document ready to write anything down.

Click here to watch a Snapshot video demonstrating KeySoft 9.5’s new quick notes feature.

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KeyMaps 2015

KeySoft 9.5 brings a free update to its popular KeyMaps navigation application.

  • Download your country’s 2015 maps directly to the BrailleNote Apex using its internet connection. No need to use a PC, KeyMaps guides you through the simple process to download the map directly to the BrailleNote Apex.
  • Search for an address and explore the area around it.
  • Access phone numbers of businesses nearby.
  • Free informed travel for all: KeyMaps is free and exclusive to BrailleNote Apex users. Simply download your update to KeySoft 9.5 and become an informed traveler.

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Included in KeyMaps 2015 is the exclusive opportunity to upgrade to the full Sendero GPS at a significantly reduced price, with the ability to use a satellite connection to walk you through a route step by step as you travel outdoors.

Click here to download KeySoft 9.5

Contact your local HumanWare representative or visit www.humanware.com for more information or to purchase the BrailleNote Apex with KeySoft 9.5.

Learn more about the BrailleNote Apex by visiting www.humanware.com/braillenote or by calling your local HumanWare representative.

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