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The BrailleNote Touch Plus keeps getting better!

an image showing a person holding the BrailleNote Touch Plus. We also see a drawing illustrating the intelligence aspect of the product with V3 referring to KeySoft Version 3.

KeySoft Version 3 for the BrailleNote Touch Plus brings more powerful tools to your fingers.

Copy and paste from Chrome and other static text fields

Need to copy text from the internet or an email, or perhaps parts of a book in Easy Reader +? With the latest update, all of this is possible.

a screenshot from the snapshot tutorial Copy and paste from Chrome and other static text fields - Click to view the video

Make your menu as simple or advanced as you want

Customize your Main Menu with KeySoft Version 3. If you want to work with just one application in your Main Menu or add all your favorite applications, now you can.

With the Customization of your Main Menu, you can have as many or as little apps as you want to use, tailoring it for your needs. Having lots of applications on a menu could be too complex for you, so just remove unnecessary applications.

a screenshot from the snapshot tutorial Customize your Main Menu - Click to view the video

For those who want more, just add more; navigating to your applications from the Main Menu becomes more efficient.

Easy Reader +

Instant access to a new library: The Éole library, from Association Valentin Haüy in France. This update improves and adds localizations, including:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Hebrew
  • Arabic
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for the full release notes.

 an image showing the BrailleNote Touch Plus with logos of the applications coming out of it. We also read the text POWERFUL TOOLS

This version includes enhancements, localizations, and fixes that came directly from BrailleNote Touch Plus users. We appreciate all those who write to us with suggestions or bug reports, which helps us to continue improving the world’s first Google-certified Braille tablet.

When connected to the internet, BrailleNote Touch Plus users will begin seeing a notification that a system update is available. When the notification appears, simply press a cursor router key, and the download will begin immediately.

If the notification has not appeared, please follow these steps:

1. From the Main Menu, press Enter with Q to access the Android settings.

2. Press the letter “s” until you are prompted with “System”.

3. Press Enter to select “System”.

4. Press the letter “s” until you are prompted with “System update”.

5. Press Enter to select “System Update”.

6. Press “c” for “check for update” followed by pressing Enter.

Please note, this update is only available for the BrailleNote Touch Plus.

Enjoy version 3!

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