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The BrailleNote Touch is now available - click here to order yours

– First Google Certified accessibility device

The BrailleNote Touch is Shipping Today!

May 26, 2016 – HumanWare is thrilled to announce that the BrailleNote Touch is shipping starting today! We have received such an incredible amount of responses filled with excitement and anticipation for the BrailleNote Touch. We would like to thank those who placed pre-orders to receive one of the first BrailleNote Touch units.

The BrailleNote Touch is the first Google Certified accessibility device bringing the simplicity of a traditional BrailleNote together with the power and openness of a modern tablet. It is driven by KeySoft, the familiar user experience found on previous BrailleNotes. The Touch provides:

Image showing hands typing on the touch screen of the BrailleNote Touch with a cloud made of app icons.

  • A familiar menu-driven experience BrailleNote users will immediately recognize
  • TouchBraille, braille entry directly on the Touch’s glass screen. Just braille as if there were traditional braille keys and TouchBraille will recognise your fingers. It is the most efficient way for a blind user to use a touch screen
  • Perfect braille translation in many supported braille codes, including Unified English Braille (UEB). Continuing the BrailleNote’s reputation as the best braille literacy support tool
  • Completely rewritten KeySoft apps for your everyday tasks includes:
    • KeyList, KeyMail and KeyPlan – Providing contacts, email and calendar synchronization to virtually any email service, (Pop, iMap, or exchange)
    • KeyWord – Providing a much improved, more powerful word processing experience. Always in mainstream formats so no need to ever convert a file. You can also perform advanced formatting while seeing all formatting in braille or on the visual screen
    • KeyWeb – Built upon the Firefox browser, you can be sure KeyWeb will remain the most accessible and efficient modern browser for years to come
    • Victor Reader – Providing a braille optimized book reader for immediate braille, or audio book access
  • A Smart Carrying Case for those users who prefer a traditional braille keyboard. Just flip the keyboard down and braille

Because the Touch is a Google certified device, BrailleNote users will, for the first time ever, be able to download and install accessible apps from the Google Play Store. When using these apps KeySoft will continue to provide the perfect braille input and output you are used to expericenced. Use the efficient way in which you have grown accustomed to navigate with previous BrailleNotes, simply press the first letter of an item to either select or move around the screen, and familiar keyboard shortcuts to efficiently manipulate apps and functions.

logo of Google Play and Android green robot

Click here to order your own BrailleNote Touch

Today the BrailleNote family welcomes the addition of the new BrailleNote Touch, and the Apex continues to offer features of a traditional and proven note taker that is recognized for its easy learning curve, best help system and excellent support in reinforcing braille literacy.

Click here to order the BrailleNote Apex

Once again HumanWare thanks you for your support of braille literacy and the BrailleNote.

Please contact HumanWare for more information:

Toll free: 1-800-722-3393

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Tel: 1300 551 864 OR 02 9686 2600

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